7-year-old rapper Fotocopy dash Ameyaw Debrah ‘fake’ Rolex watch to tease Medikal (+Video)

After news broke out that Medikal’s new Rolex watch was fake, Ameyaw Debrah took him on but the rapper didn’t take things lightly with the blogger and insulted him in a live video.

Medikal,Photo copy & Ameyaw Debra

Speaking in that live video, Medikal said that Ameyaw Debrah had no right to laugh at him because he was poor.

The claim was made online by a popular German watch blog, Munich Wrist Busters.

In a bid to shame Medikal that he can’t afford an original Rolex watch, Ameyaw Debrah in a new video is seen receiving a Rolex watch from a 7-year-old Ghanaian rapper, Fotocopy.

Ameyaw Debrah shared a video on his Youtube page of the moment 7-year-old rapper, Fotocopy gifted him a Rolex watch and added the caption: “7-year old rapper Fotocopy gifts Ameyaw Debrah a ‘Rolex’ to shame Medikal”


SOURCE; AmeyawDebra.com

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