I wrote engya me ho , Kyere wo do & many Songs for Kwabena kwabena – Nene Joojo

Highlife singer NENE JOOJO in an interview with KOJO CODED on Coded Showbiz stated he wrote popular songs like engya me ho , Kyere wo do and many others for Kwabena kwabena.

Nene joojo & Kwabena kwabena

According to the high life Singer,he began his musical career as a rapper in Tema when he was introduced to Kwabena kwabena by a friend.

“I met Kwabena kwabena and his management team and he requested for my demos.

I presented about 6-7 demos to him and his management team. After listening to the songs , kwabena kwabena said to me there is a special talents in me which he will help bring out.

He told me I can sing, but will take some time because you have a rap background. You can write good songs, so it means you can sing.

He promised to nature my singing abilities and he was able to do that.

On his DAAKYE album with had adult music on, I got the opportunity to do two songs with him and because he wanted to give me the opportunity to also come into the lime light, he made sure he shot videos for them, but I wrote those songs”.

He added, when ever I am writing or I write my Songs, he’s always the first and last to come into the songs interms of directions but I composed those songs.

Nene Joojo

According to Joojo, his boss thought him how to play the guitar and bought him one.

He acknowledged his boss Kwabena kwabena for nurturing out the talent in him and the opportunity he was given to write songs on his famous “DAAKYE ALBUM” .

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Written by: Anku Afi Mawuena Gifty

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