Use your Son for Rituals if he’s not married & have no kids at age 40 – Councelor Lutterodt.

Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt has advised parents to use their Sons for Money Ritual if he’s not married and have no kids at the age of 40.

Councelor Lutterodt

Speaking with Anopa Nkomo Host, Maame K on Awake tv, the controversial counselor says every man that is not married at age 30 and have no childreen before age 40 is a burden to the family, use him for Rituals.

” If you not ready to sacrifice your anger, in terms of not eating not because you are fasting so you can give it to a woman not children.

When you are making decisions to marry, children are out. they are deciding factor after marriage. Your preparations are for your wife not your children.

You need to build this stability before ending your singleness before looking for a wife, and remember it has to end after age 30 but if after 30 you have not ended, make sure its ended before. You can end at age 40 and 60 but when your son is above 40 and is not married, he’s a burden to the family, if you can use him for rituals. God give you grace” He stated.

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He also added if you have not been able to move out of your single room with your wife, your Singleness has not ended.

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