(Video)Kumchacha Speaks Against Anal S3x, Endorses Virgina Licking.

Prophet Nicholas Osei best known as Prophet Kumchacha has made some controversial comments about anal s3x and licking the female s3x organ that has thrown sex enthusiasts into frenzy.

Prophet Kumchacha

The controversial prophet spoke against anal sex between men and women and at the same time endorsed licking of the pu$$y.

Kumchacha asked women to object anytime a man offers to have anal sex with them regardless of whatever gift the mam offers to give them. To him, any man who wants to engage in the act with a woman doesn’t truly love her.

The prophet believes that the adventure can result in women getting infected with STIs and other problems. He added that anal s3x can even lead to death on the part of the woman.

Sweet Sherry & Prophet Kumchacha

While speaking on Pillow Talk with Sweet Sherry, Prophet Kumchacha opined that even God frowns on anal s3x. He said the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran speak against the act.

When asked about his previous endorsement of licking a woman’s pu$$y on a different show, the prophet said married couples don’t have a problem especially when the man’s manhood isn’t active and he still needs to satisfy his partner but anal s3x according to him is a no no.

Watch Video Below;


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