Xtra Large music Flagged my Lonely Music Video on YouTube but i financed it – Jah lead.

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Jah Lead has lamented over how a song he worked on with Jam Master Jay (JMJ) was flagged on YouTube.

JmJ & Jah Lead

During an interview with Hitz FM, Jah Lead stated that he financed the video of the ‘Lonely’ song but it was flagged by Xtra Large Music when he uploaded it on YouTube.

He explained that the song belongs to JMJ and him.

“I financed the video for my song “Lonely” but it was flagged by Xtra Large Music when I uploaded it on YouTube. Meanwhile, the song belongs to the two of us (that is myself and JMJ).”

He indicated that no split sheet was signed during his work with the renowned music producer, JMJ.

“There wasn’t a split sheet to the Lonely song – JMJ brought the beat, and I [put on] my lyrics,” Jah Lead clarified.

He added: “The video is still on YouTube but the dividends goes to Xtra Large Music.”

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